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davescharf wrote:

I understand there’s a lot of variables in asking this question but I’m going to ask it anyways

If you think about a normal suburban sized two level house what would you ballpark the cost of replacing all the windows to be? Since I know it makes a difference we will likely do fiberglass ones and not wood.

We are going to contact a few people about quotes in the coming months but I’m trying to get an extremely basic idea so I can spit out my Diet Coke in the privacy of my own house.

We replaced windows a while back on my old house going through Sela. It’s probably been 8 years.

I HATE vinyl (which I unfortunately have now) so we chose wood windows in the main living areas and fiberglass for the bathroom and bedrooms. Pela make a very nice fiberglass window. They were solid and more expensive than the wood, which I was not expecting. We had problems with frost on windows in that house and the fiberglass was a perfect choice. I would 100% do fiberglass again.

Our L shaped rambler cost about $26k to replace all the windows (8 years ago). That included a sliding glass door with blinds in the glass and two large (11 ft and 8 ft wide). We did not go cheap.

Hopefully Pela changed the design of their sliding doors because they had the screen on the inside which sucked. Having to open the screen to shut the door let ALL the bugs in.

My parents are in the process of replacing windows now. They bought triple pane. And standard sized windows were about $2k per window and they took a looong time to get delivered. I think COVID is impacting price and delivery times.