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davescharf wrote:

I understand there’s a lot of variables in asking this question but I’m going to ask it anyways

If you think about a normal suburban sized two level house what would you ballpark the cost of replacing all the windows to be? Since I know it makes a difference we will likely do fiberglass ones and not wood.

We are going to contact a few people about quotes in the coming months but I’m trying to get an extremely basic idea so I can spit out my Diet Coke in the privacy of my own house.

I do not like the PVC/Fiberglass/Vinyl/Whatever windows. There is a LOT of expansion and contraction going on in those products.

We went with Marvin Aluminum Clad, Wood windows a few years ago. We have a Suburban, 2200 Sq Ft, 3 level split (1.5 levels). It was $34,000 to do them all, we opted to do half then and half sometime in the future TBD.

Renewal by Anderson has awful, high pressure sales in our experience. They would only meet when both you and your partner were home… They flat out said “We don’t want the excuse – I need to talk to my wife/husband.” Then they had pricing of This is the price if you sign today, this is the price if you sign later this week once I walk out the door, this is the price after this week. Their cheapest price was also $10,000 more than anyone else we looked at; Pella and Anderson (non-renewal). We also had Sela and Rusco come out, and I could’ve built a cabin or bought a new BMW for the price they wanted.

The typical problems of wood windows have been fixed by modern improvements. Low-E coatings on glass, higher U-value glass, Aluminum clad exteriors, etc. I have seen some of those PVC windows on South facades in direct sun all day literally blow apart due to expansion.

FWIW, I am an Architect and do some residential. We specify Aluminum (full) or Aluminum-clad wood windows in our residential projects.

I am sure you will find lots of opinions though, and people who do enjoy their “non-maintenance” Vinyl/whatever windows.