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davescharf wrote:

On the carpet topic we just got the pads we wanted for the rugs in our basement. It was then that we discovered the 8×11 carpet we bought is actually 7’9 x 10’6 and the pad is a little too big, so we’ll have to get it trimmed a few inches in each direction. I’m annoyed at myself for not double checking the measurements since we didn’t think about a pad for this particular rug but I’m also annoyed that the company selling the rug (which is a stock size for them) couldn’t be more specific in their sizing.

At least we know the 2nd rug and pad should be fine because we had to have the rug cut down to a specific size for our space and the same people cut the pad.

I am really surprised they didn’t have the actual size. I have sold rugs for 20 years and they all fall into a 8×10, 6×9, 5×8 category or whatever but the label always says the exact size.

Yep – label even says 8×11. The other one we bought was to the inch so I wrongly assumed this was the case on the other.

At least getting a pad cut down isn’t a huge deal other than costing a little more money

It’s also odd to find a finished rug at a round measurement too. At least the pads are easy to trim!