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I’m looking to buy a webcam. Any recommendations? Features to aim for, or avoid?

If this is for zoom/teams/whatever calls, I just recommend looking at the field of view. A lot of the webcams have wider angles than what’s built into a laptop so others see more of the room around you.

Thanks, I got a logitech C920s PRO. It had 78 degree FoV. I didn’t want the super wide angle. I’ll check it out today and can return it to Target if there’s any other problem. I’m a little worried about the autofocus being too sensitive and adjusting too often.

Looks like I am using the same one. I use it for the GPL Podcast and it works well.


Excellent! We set it up and it looked and sounded great. But we did get an issue with the computer response. After the camera was connected, both mousing and typing response was real bad (typed a password and it took 5+ seconds for the computer to display it.) Did you encounter anything like this?

Nope… I only use it for video. The audio is through my Blue Yeti via USB. I am also on a Mac.