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Our house has very little carpet as it is mostly hardwood. We have some cheap carpet in our finished basement that has never been cleaned. This weekend I rented a Bissel Big Green from Lowes. Normally I rent a Rug Doctor. After this weekend I will not be going back to Rug Doctor. The Bissel Big Green was $10 cheaper than Rug Doctor and was much easier to use. With the Rug Doctor it only cleans if you pull it backwards. The Big Green cleans both forwards and backwards and is much more maneuverable.

The down side is that it holds about half as much fresh water as the Rug Doctor but this also makes it lighter.

Anyway, if you are looking to rent a carpet cleaner, Bissel Big Green gets my vote. There’s also a $7 off coupon on their website so the cost was $22.99 for 24 hours.

Half the water would drive me nuts though. I’d be filling that thing constantly.

Just fair warning, if your carpet still has warranty left, don’t use either of them. It will void the warranty. You need hot water extraction done every 12-18 months to maintain carpet warranty.

WTF? Really?