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For you creative/design types of people, where do you go to find accessories and artwork for a space? We’re going to go shopping on Friday to try and find things for our new basement, but I wanted to see where people might suggest going.

We’re likely going to end up looking at Homegoods and some of the chain furniture stores on the lower end. We’re also going to look at some of the shops at IMS to see what’s available on the higher end, but are there other places that would have a good selection of things that you’d suggest going to check out?

We only have some very vague ideas of what we want to do down there so some of the trip is just to try and get some ideas of how to fill the space. Our belief is we’re willing to spend a decent chunk of money if we see something we really like, but we’re also not afraid to buy some cheaper things that will work until we’re able to visit some of the art fairs this summer.

Im afraid I’m not much help since most anything on our walls is made by Karl Jaeger or Terrence Fogarty. And as for accessories? We obtain them at breweries and hockey rinks. (Growlers and pucks).

Needless to say, do not take decorating advice from us. 😂

Ditto. I go for kitsch (I have a Dogs Playing Poker tapestry), or special interest (have a 3’x5′ canvass of the 4 main stars of Goodfellas, and a 3’x2′ of Pacino from Scarface) hanging in my living room. Have a couple framed pics from the Plymouth OC also. My decor is very much pop culture. I do have one spot on my walls, if I ever find the right Velvet Elvis (size is key, here).

Zwak hooked me up with one of the buildings in NE that has a ton of artist studios so we’re going to look at some of the artist’s websites and see if anything jumps out at us.