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    I am not sure where to put this but I am tech illiterate and need help.

    My son’s iPad is getting bombarded with FaceTime requests from people he doesn’t know (all over the Us and in Africa). Is this weird for an iPad since it doesn’t have a phone number associated with it?

    How old is he? Does he use the iPad for school? As in, does he do any sort of group chat for school? If not, just go into Settings and just turn it off. Do not engage with the requests. You do not need a phone number to FaceTime, you only need internet connection.

    Yeah, I don’t use FaceTime but I would suspect this is a setting you need to fix in the app itself. Or just don’t let your kid use Facebook. ;)

    It’s not an app you download. iPad come with FaceTime pre-installed. Just go to Settings, scroll down and you’ll see FaceTime. Turn it off. And FaceTime isn’t FaceBook, two completely different things. :biggrin2: