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    Anyone have a recommendation for a good entry skate for adults? Nothing fancy and just looking to skate at the park rink with the kids.

    Seems like the major brands all fit a bit different. Getting a good fitting and comfortable skate is more important than a particular brand. Personally I would try and find a used pair first at a local skate shop. If that doesn’t work is go to a store and try on different brands and see what you like. CCM and Bauer both have lower end skates that are perfect for what you need

    I agreed with the used skate idea.

    I bought a pair a couple years ago, first since HS and was shocked at how much they have changed in options, fit, etc.

    I have wide feet so I learned that Bauer Vapor is the narrow one, Supreme is a bit wider and Nexus are the wide ones. I found a pair of Nexus ones that were used for a month and returned during a trial period, I think normally they are $599 new, they were on the shelf for $400 and Scheels was running a 50% off used skates sale. They were able to bake them for my foot and they are the best skates I have ever owned.

    Thanks! I will heck out the used stores first. I stopped at the Bauer experience or whatever in Bloomington and was overwhelmed and out of my element. Ha

    The S35 were like $100-200 and labeled as recreational.