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g-manpuck wrote:

I was looking how the weather was shaping up for the storms tonight on Weather Underground and was looking at how temps are in the region. Mankato is at 53…Omaha is at 92. That’s no beuno! Something’s brewing in Iowa for sure.

I checked to see where storm chasers are in Iowa and they are pretty much lined up on Highway 20 between Whioux City and I-35.

One of the plug-ins I have for my radar software shows storm spotters/chasers that are signed in to SpotterNetwork. Mobile chasers generally have their devices linked to GPS locations so their position gets updated in the system. They’re the Green and Yellow dots/cameras (some are stationary at homes, of course, but you can see the lines across the highways) Some of the smaller lines are on larger roads off the Interstates

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