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gator wrote:

Personally I think the drive his morning was far worst than the drive last night.

Agreed. Slicker than goose $h!t.

Last night’s drive was worse for me, but this morning’s drive was more deceiving. 394 looked dry, but was hitting ice patches like a mofo.

Part of it may be the vehicle. The 4 wheel drive that kicks in on my CRV lets me get through snow just fine. After it has been cleared and really cold night creates ice, it turns into 4 wheel slip. Also, this thing is just old enough that ABS wasn’t required, and it is a base model so it doesn’t have it. Makes things fun!

I was doing steady speed, and once in a while felt my arse kick out a little. That’s just patches of ice that one can’t see.

Tonight? That brown slushie snow, along with tonight’s snowfall, made the roads a bit slick.