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Steve MN wrote:

Greyeagle wrote:

My personal best – involving a plane – left MSP it was -20F and landed in LAX few hours later to 75F.

The more unusual one for me wasn’t as drastic of a change, but rather unexpected.

Got on a plane at MSP end of July, it was around 95 degrees and dewpoint of 80+. Felt like you had to cut your way through the air to get from the car to the building. AS soon as the power was started up and the AC kicked in, the pilot had to get on the PA to let people know “don’t worry about that mist coming out of the vents, that’s just condensation”

Get off the plane in Las Vegas (yes, went to the desert in the middle of summer). Temp was just over 80 and like a 50 degree dewpoint. Dropping the humidity going from Minnesota to Vegas in the middle of summer is pretty typical. Dropping 15 degrees of temp is really odd.

That’s what trombone players always say…