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Kelly Red wrote:

Snowcool08 wrote:

Roads home from the game were quite slick. Looked like it snowed enough to make them slippery, but not enough to get the plows out. Saw 4 multi car accidents from Minneapolis to Woodbury.

Yeah, unfortunately we were one of them, just us, nobody else thank god. Hit some black ice right as we entered 35 off of 94W. Spun across 3 lanes of traffic and hit the wall dead on. Crunched the front pretty badly, but still drivable to get home. Human damage limited to my glasses breaking from an airbag to the face! Honestly I was more terrified right after it happened as I was afraid another car would hit us before we got straightened out. My hubbys 20+ year old Highlander is probably toast. Thoughts and prayers for my husbands agonizing potential decision: pay (more then it’s worth) to fix his favorite vehicle he’s ever owned or put it out of its misery.

Were you in 4 wheel drive?

With deployment of airbags I can guarantee it will be totalled.

Be glad you are both okay and no one else was involved.