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Yes, we had the same thing. My wife woke me up at 5:30 (after I stayed up past midnight watching the podcast). We actually had a brownout. Incandescent bulbs worked, but not others. Nor the furnace. Not the basement I floor heating. We were at 63. I was getting ready to go buy gas for my generator when the power came back. From Dakota Electric twitter:

Similar with the “brownout”. A couple lights throughout the house worked, but were very dim. And the clocks to the stove and microwave blinked during the outage. I called Dakota Electric while driving to work and was told it was a large area. Which is interesting… my sister and brother-in-law live about 1.5 miles from us and had power. And Composer lost power and MNNavy didn’t.

We are at 179th and Fieldcrest and never lost power. Our old house and neighborhood just north of us did.