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Bladepuller wrote:

We also have become an extremely litigious society. Find a reason to sue anybody. If you are a Supt. of a school district I have to believe that there is legal advice rendered on calling off classes.

Our despicable EB neighbor actually told us once that she looks for class action lawsuits to join to see if she can get a few bucks thrown her way to go away. We no longer have anything to do with her. BTW.

Didn’t Shakespeare write something about, “1st we kill all the lawyers.”

@SkiUMahLaw , You excluded of course! 😉

Some might put me first on the list even!

I would add to this that with distance learning now understood as a readily available option, why might districts even take the risks. Seems like we will see more snow days from districts going forward and being earlier to pull the trigger just to avoid problems, and go with the distance days instead. There was a limit of 11 total distance days in a year prior to covid, but I think the Dept of Ed has pretty much waived that since.