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    bearpaw28 wrote:

    Kelly Red, hoping your ipad is found & returned to you intact. Curious if Delta gave U & hubby the option of staying at a hotel in Detroit Friday night & flying out Saturday morning? I’m assuming they’d of allowed that, but you’d of had to pay for the hotel out of your own pocket? With a snowstorm storm in progress, trying to get home to MSP Friday was (unfortunately) a roll of the dice that didn’t turn out very well, but glad to hear that you eventually made it home.

    No. Honestly at the time we were rush rush rushed to make a decision about getting to our rebooked flights. And I don’t think airlines pay for a hotel because of weather, only mechanical. If we’d have KNOWN our misadventure I think we would have stayed in Detroit. But we didn’t have a crystal ball, neither did Delta. But I’m very disappointed in how we were treated once in Duluth. I mean, JFC, a locked bathroom? That just chapped everyone.