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    So this could have gone in travel but Weather seems a better fit. We went to Montreal for a few days, scheduled to come home Friday. So we fly from Montreal to Detroit. Our flight to MSP has been canceled. We hightail it to the club for help. Turns out we get split up on flights home. My husband is sent to Indianapolis/Mineapolis, leaving immediately. I’m on a direct to MSP. We head off to different gates. His flight lands in IN and the MSP flight has been canceled. He’s now stuck and quickly finds a hotel. Rescheduled flight at 6 am means he got about 4 hours of sleep. ME? My flight diverts to Duluth because the long runway at MSP is closed. We land and aren’t let off plane as they wait to see about situation. After 20 minutes they say the flight has been cancelled. So we’re cut loose at Duluth. There is not a single person working, no gate agent. Two people on our flight needed wheelchairs and there’s no one around or chairs to be found. The food places are closed. The bathroom is :censored: locked!! There are now about 100 people just abandoned at the airport. Hotels are fully booked as some holiday light display has just opened and tourists are in town. People are pissed off royally. Finally some Diamond flyer must have gotten ahold of Delta and given them an earful. Delta arranged for buses to take us to MSP. So a slow ride down to the cities gets all of us to the airport at around 11:30. NO TAXIS. Not a single driver. Uber is refusing to pick up or so backed up you couldn’t connect to a driver. I waited 45 minutes for a taxi and there were still at least 75 people in line behind me. I staggered home by 1:00am. Oh, and the f’ing cherry on top? I lost my iPad on the plane as it apparently slipped out of my bag in the overhead storage and I didn’t see it because of the angle of the compartment. Discovered that on the bus. When we both were finally home we just had to kind of laugh, boy when things go wrong they tend to REALLY go wrong. But we seriously had to question WHY either flight even left Detroit in the first place. I’m perfectly capable of traveling alone but I wish we’d been stuck together. Now I wait to see if my iPad is turned into Lost and Found, I’m not holding my breath.