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Family, plan to hunker down by 6pm tomorrow. Snow will start about mid day in Mkto and about 2-3pm in the cities. Heaviest snow will be 6pm-midnight. The latest snow total maps the NWS put out this morning are fairly good, actually. Especially after Tuesdays poor forecast. But this storm is a classic setup and models have been extremely consistent with timing. It was just a question of where the sharp cutoff line to the north will end up, which now appears to be N of the entire metro.

5-6 in the metro unless the bands setup a bit north. Which we won’t really know until tomorrow 6pm. I love the NWS :5-10…as if there’s no difference between 5 and 10 inches, lol

I think about 8 or so in woodbury, and 10-11ish for Mankato. All totals can shift to a bit higher of we get a good initial downfall of snow when it all starts and if the main band sets up farther N than my model is currently saying. But those are my thoughts as things look now