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We had some very gusty winds here around 12:30. One report of 70+ mph. Pushed down some of my soybeans. Hail came 1st, but luckily little damage other than leaves from trees down. Had 6/10ths of rain ( that made it in the gauge ). It is amazing that when we begged for rain this summer, we got none, and now when I want to start harvesting soybeans we get some every 3 days. More in the forecast for Monday, but then, fingers crossed, dry for a few days.

Can you swath and combine soybeans like wheat and barely?!?!?!

I will have to combine in 1 direction in parts of the fields that are blown over. ( combine into the direction they are leaning. so if they are leaning north, I need to come from the north, otherwise if I come from the south they won’t feed into the combine) Soybeans are much easier to combine when they are blown over, just takes more time. If corn goes down or is twisted, it is a nightmare.