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The rain and wind felt hurricane like here in the “Bermuda Triangle” aka Valley Park area of Apple Valley/Rosemount/Lakeville.

Power was out east and south of you. Lots of trees down around Farmington.

About 3:30 am our power flickered on and off a couple times but stayed on. I had no sooner reset my alarm than it flickered on and off half a dozen times before going out until about 7:30. It sounded like a little hail for a minute too.

I woke up to find three emails from spectrum telling me my service was out and a voicemail that it came back on. Yeah. Cause it wasn’t obvious. 😂. Thankfully calls are muted before 9am or I would have been pissed to be woken up by an automated call when I already lost most of my sleep last night.

These emails are frustratingly needed. If you live in my neighborhood when cable goes out you have 5 people asking the whole neighborhood if their internet/cable is out and what happened. Repeated texts until someone finally steps up and calls Comcast to ask what happened. People have no brains anymore to figure stuff out on their own and need instant information.