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skiier32 wrote:

gator wrote:

The rain and wind felt hurricane like here in the “Bermuda Triangle” aka Valley Park area of Apple Valley/Rosemount/Lakeville.

Power was out east and south of you. Lots of trees down around Farmington.

About 3:30 am our power flickered on and off a couple times but stayed on. I had no sooner reset my alarm than it flickered on and off half a dozen times before going out until about 7:30. It sounded like a little hail for a minute too.

I woke up to find three emails from spectrum telling me my service was out and a voicemail that it came back on. Yeah. Cause it wasn’t obvious. 😂. Thankfully calls are muted before 9am or I would have been pissed to be woken up by an automated call when I already lost most of my sleep last night.