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NWS says 100% chance of 1-2 inches here, same as they said last weekend when we got .1. In other words they must think it’s not going to rain.

We were supposed to only get about 1/4 to 1/2 today because they said it was going north. We are at 1.9 so far with more to come. Gives us about 8 inches in the last week

City boy question for you @frozen4champs ..what is the dream weather for a farmer? I realize it may vary based on the crops you grow but in general how much rain would you like to get and how often? How about temperatures?

I will give you the general, short answer. In the spring you would like to have moisture in the soil when planting. This year the soil was too dry to start. You would then like a rain right after planting. Ideally, you would then love it to warm up and get about an inch a week through the summer. This years temps, even as hot as it was in June-July was perfect. But, with no rain, it was devistating. In August, we would love a nice shot of rain when the grains are getting their ears ( corn) and pods ( soybeans) to help fill them out, followed by a warm dry fall. The rains we have received the last week will help with tillage and make the soil softer and will help in the long run, but won’t really help this years crops. This year was the perfect storm of the bad as it was a dry, cold planting season, followed by a hot, lack of moisture summer. The crops took a long time to emerge as it sat in cold, dry dirt. The lack of moisture also hurt the activation of fertilizer and spray, making them much less beneficial. There is a formula called heat units, but explaining that is for another day. You can check that out here–https://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/news/timeless/heatunits.html