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Last night at 12:20ish, we had an extremely loud clap of thunder that occurred at the same time as a bunch of lights turning on then off, ceiling fan stopped working, blu-ray player turned on, AV reciever and subwoofer turned on, printer turned on, wife’s criket turned on, main thermostat reset, floor warming thermostat turned on, router reset… very odd. I looked around the house and didn’t see any damage, so I went to bed.

Today I went out in the garage, and find the control panel for our sprinkler system in bits and pieces scattered all over the garage, and the AC Adapter plug-in blown apart with burn marks. The Outlet strip it was plugged into – still functions, that outlet itself still works despite burn marks all over it. Wow. So i go around the house, no visible signs of a strike. Then I notice a valve box cover broken in half with both pieces 10′ or so away from the box itself. Inside the box a valve is completely charred…

So it hit the sprinkler valve (through the plastic cover somehow?), travelled through the wires to the control panel, exploding it. Then hit the AC adapter, burning and destroying it. Then went into the house and somehow damaged nothing else…

Very thankful, and counting our blessings. I have no idea how nothing else is damaged (that we know of so far), and a fire didn’t start with all the kindling that is in and around our garage. So lucky we didn’t lose anything else.

A new sprinkler valve and controller is going to be around $200 probably, when it could’ve been much worse. Is there anything else I should be checking?