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While there will three categories – destructive, considerable and baseline – only storms that are classified as “destructive” will trigger a mobile notification.

The three categories are described as:

Destructive damage threat: At least 2.75 inch diameter (baseball-sized) hail and/or 80 mph thunderstorm winds. Warnings with this tag will automatically activate a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) on smartphones within the warned area.

Considerable damage threat: At least 1.75 inch diameter (golf ball-sized) hail and/or 70 mph thunderstorm winds. This will not activate a WEA.

Baseline or “base” damage threat: 1.00 inch (quarter-sized) hail and/or 58 mph thunderstorm winds. This will not activate a WEA. When no damage threat tag is present, damage is expected to be at the base level.

I wonder how they define “area”. Is it by county? We live in Dakota County which is relatively large metro county. I used to get weather alerts on my weather but turned them off as too many of them were for the southern cities like Burnsville, Lakeville, Rosemount, etc.

p.s. I would have thought Dakota County was one of the larger counties in MN. I was WAY wrong. It is the 58th largest county in Minnesota. #cityboy