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Norm wrote:

frozen4champs wrote:

With no substantial rain in the forecast for the next 10 days, and 90 degree heat ahead of us, the extreme part of the chart will expand.


Not disputing that it’s dry, but the drought monitor is a joke.

I drive up 71. From Olivia to New London Spicer there’s green grass and green fields, yet they’re severe.

Same with the stretch along I90 from Blue Earth to Albert Lea. Looks like a freaking garden.

LOL, I think I hit a nerve :wink: . Not a perfect map for sure as pockets of rain have hit certain areas in the same county. I can see the difference for me as my home farm is black dirt and the other farm that is about 12 miles away is mostly sandy and light soil. About the same amount of rain, but the sandy soil farm is burning up much faster.