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Steve MN wrote:

Jupiter wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

There was a line that cut across the West/North of the cities that had most of the rain:


Not accurate in my area… on this map it show .38 in NYA. We had .8 here.

That was a report from someone in the cocorahs network. Given how focused the heavy rain was, it’s possible that the measurement site in question is just far enough from your house that they got significantly less.


You can zoom in on that to find the area in question. The locations shown are where the measurement was taken.

I’d be curious if you can find a gauge with less than 1.3″ since June 1.

The crops are just money, but we’ve planted over 2,000 trees around the farm during my time here. A hell of a lot of work went into planting all them. We’ve got some CRP where we’ve planted blocks of Red Cedar for the deer and pheasants. Cedars are very hardy, but they are now dropping their needles. It would be a shame to lose them.