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Bertogliat wrote:

HockeyBum wrote:

At least where I live in the east metro, today’s forecast has been a dud. Barely enough rain here to make the ground wet.

I’ve lived in my house for 12 years, and my lawn has never looked worse. I have large patches of grass that got completely scorched from the long stretch of hot dry days. I have irrigation, and even that hasn’t helped.

Have you increased the time each zone waters? My grass is green but some of my drier zones run for 45 minutes, every other day. And I have supplemented the driest spots with hose sprinklers in the worst areas This is about 50-75% more water than I normally use in June.

Water bill won’t be fun to pay.

I have tried everything… even giving the dry areas extra water with a hose and sprinkler. There are 2 patches in my back yard (both about 15′ x 10′) that are completely dead, and no amount of watering is bringing it back. I’m guessing I’ll have to dig those spots up and replace with sod in the fall.

It has to be bad soil under the grass. My house was built in 1968, and the lawn was neglected for years before I bought it. I’ve worked hard to improve it in the 12 years I’ve been there (put in a sprinkler system, fertilize 4 times a year, etc…), but I can only do so much because the foundation for a nice lawn was never there. If money weren’t an issue, I’d love to bulldoze my whole yard, put down about 4″ of nice black dirt, and start over again.