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Norm wrote:

frozen4champs wrote:

We abide by most of those during the heat of the summer. We grill out about 5 days a week during the summer to avoid heating up the house from the use of the oven. Our water heater was purchased at a large discounted price from the local electric co-op and they installed a usage meter on it, so they can shut it down during peak times. With only 2 of us in the house, we have never had an issue of no hot water.

Our REA controls our water heater and AC from their end. We have never even noticed it when they shut them down.

When we moved into our first house we didn’t know it was set up for the energy savings auto shut off AC. It was frustrating trying to get our baby to nap well when the AC was off and the house warmed up. We thought we needed a new AC unit.