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    Can’t wait to see this month’s heating usage, been running pretty much non-stop for a week. But in terms of cost it’s still not as bad as a really hot July when the A/C can be running full stop due to a heat wave. We sure see it all here in the upper Midwest.

    That’s funny. We spend twice as much on heating as cooling. I suppose it depends on thermostat settings and efficiency of your furnace and AC.

    I would also guess the type of fuel.

    Electric, even off peak, is spendy. Up at ML a buddy has an off peak boiler and is amazed at how expensive it is compared to at his home place in Blooming Prairie.

    Propane is more expensive than NG & has price swings that can be very seasonal. As a farmer you sure see that @Norm .

    Fuel oil? Used it in one place I rented. It was an exterior tank so it was #2 & seemed expensive.

    Natural Gas sure is nice, but I do like my wood stove in these temps.🤗 Toasty toasty.

    Yes, we use propane.

    And we just got a call from our REA urging members to reduce their usage or they will have to go to rolling blackouts.