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    davescharf wrote:

    Mother Nature got really drunk and is taking it out on Texas. North Texas is seeing wind chills of -20, DFW airport had 3” of snow with more coming, and a buddy in San Antonio posted pics of about 1-2 inches of snow in his driveway.

    All 254 counties in Texas are under a winter storm warning too :shock:

    Pics I’ve seen from around the DFW metroplex don’t look bad at all for Minnesota standards.

    Irving PD and FD put chains on their tires, the Dallas Morning News basically sent out a “TELL US WHAT TO DO!!” on social media asking transplants from northern climates to tell them how to deal with the weather, and there are 15 minute rolling blackouts since electricity demand has exceeded supply.

    Hearing people are bundled up with multiple blankets in front of a fire and people are breaking out space heaters. Sounds like The End Times.