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davescharf wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

That ugliness in Fort Worth yesterday? That was just stomach-churning.

I’ve found myself sideways on I-94 over the Chippewa River, looking up the hill at a semi coming down at me after spinning out (spoiler: I got out of the way before it got down to the bridge, and my truck was perfectly drive-able afterward. There were several vehicles involved, but no injuries much less fatalities, thankfully) and watching the cell phone clip from yesterday morning? That was horrible.

It was. I nearly flipped my grandparents minivan (with them in it) on highway 75 in NW Iowa when I hit glare ice. I was18 and to this day I’m not sure how we didn’t flip and how someone didn’t tag us coming the other way

I was playing pinball off the guard rails on both sides of the bridge, and definitely expected to find myself in freezing water. Ended up stopped across the two lanes, looking through my passenger side window up at incoming traffic. Glad I was able to get enough traction to pull out of the way before other cars got close enough to be a problem. Los of cars with damage, but all from there bridge guard rails, not each other.