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Cable barriers are one of the best things to happen to MN roads in a long time. A totaled car getting stopped by a barrier is an easy trade compared to the horrific injuries a vehicle crossing into oncoming traffic can cause.

I had an incident on a motorcycle a couple years ago that really made me think about these things. I was overtaking a vehicle in the passing lane. The vehicle I was overtaking decided to enter my lane with no turn signal and without checking its blindspot. I was forced to the shoulder where the cable barrier was. Thankfully, there was no crash. I have to say, in a similar situation, I would welcome a ditch or center median as opposed to the cables. Hitting one of those on a bike would be catastrophic. At least in the ditch, one would have a chance.

Come on. Steve McQueen would just jump it like he did the fence in The Great Escape. Then again if you weren’t on your Triumph that might not have worked.

If I had been on my Triumph I would have just hit the gas and been out of trouble in an instant. Being this was a couple years ago, I didn’t yet have that modern marvel of engineering. No, I was on a 700+ pound evo with questionable braking performance. Kinda stuck where I was at.

I can’t imagine insurance companies are fans of the cables. They can turn a call for a truck to pull the car out of the snow into at least one side of the car being trashed and possibly more if the car collects the vehicle behind it as well. Then again, it is the consumer that will end up paying for higher claims.