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Sioux/Bucky Hater wrote:

Greyeagle wrote:

Cable barriers are one of the best things to happen to MN roads in a long time. A totaled car getting stopped by a barrier is an easy trade compared to the horrific injuries a vehicle crossing into oncoming traffic can cause.

I had an incident on a motorcycle a couple years ago that really made me think about these things. I was overtaking a vehicle in the passing lane. The vehicle I was overtaking decided to enter my lane with no turn signal and without checking its blindspot. I was forced to the shoulder where the cable barrier was. Thankfully, there was no crash. I have to say, in a similar situation, I would welcome a ditch or center median as opposed to the cables. Hitting one of those on a bike would be catastrophic. At least in the ditch, one would have a chance.

Come on. Steve McQueen would just jump it like he did the fence in The Great Escape. Then again if you weren’t on your Triumph that might not have worked.