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Up until this year I had a real problem with my tires losing a bead and slowly losing air in the cold months. Got new tires 6 months ago and it hasn’t been a problem since.

I’m having this problem now. One of my tires has been losing about 10-15 PSI per day since December. I have to fill it up almost every day. It’s gotten even worse since this cold snap. I filled it to 35 PSI when I got home from work on Friday evening. Didn’t drive it all weekend. When I went out for work this morning it was down to 15 PSI.

I took it in to Discount Tire about 3 weeks ago and told them what’s been going on. They tested it and couldn’t find any leaks. It obviously IS leaking, because I’m pumping it back up almost every day. My tires are less than 3 years old and still have about half the tread left on them. I don’t want to replace them yet, but I don’t know what other options I have at this point. :x

I had this problem several years ago and it turned out my aluminum rims had some corrosion. The corrosion made for an uneven surface in one spot where the tire met the rim. It was at this spot the tire was leaking. I don’t remember where I had it repaired- it may have been Discount Tire- but they used a grinder to smooth the surface of the rim. From then on I had no leaks.

Another thing to check, but I assume Discount Tire would have checked, is the valve stem. Can you feel air escaping? Do you have a cap on the valve stem?

The last thing to try is to spray soapy water at the tire, like checking for gas leaks. Maybe the air leaking form the tire will show in bubbles? This may help if you’re leaking air at the bead as well.

I had a tiny crack in my rim this fall. Causing my tired to lose 10-15 lbs in a day. So have them check for rim problems.

This is totally a first world problem but my car is old enough to have the low pressure indicator on the dash but NOT new enough where it identifies the pressure of each tire. It was always a drag to have to measure all 4 tires to find the culprit.