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I sold my ’99 Superduty w/ a 7.3 Turbo Power Stroke early winter / late fall. It had sat for a couple years. I but a slow charger on it, pumped up the front tires. 2 weeks later it fired right up but had a crazy fuel leak from the fuel filter on the firewall. Also front tires were way down and had a audible leak when I but a compressor on them.

Aluminum expands & contracts quite a bit and bead leaks are very common. In my experiance both the wheel & the tire need to be worked on. Also a good amount of “bead dope” applied and a serious amount of air, both in PSI & CF applied. There should be a serious POP when the bead seats. The 2 bikes I ride the most are both tubeless cast wheels. My local tire guy & I get along so I pull the wheels and order tires from Dennis Kirk in Rush City. A motorcycle rear that gets 20K miles is exceptional so I see him once a year.

I loved the torque my diesels ( I have had 3) had. The sport I was in then meant pulling horses so I used the diesels. With the cost of fuel being from .15 to .25 higher than gas I couldn’t justify an “oil burner” & I’m not a fan of the ride you get with a 3/4 or 1 ton.