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So far….knock on wood…the three Silverado diesels in my work’s fleet of trucks have had no issues. Two of the three are parked outside at night with only block heaters, and all three are outside every day all day. They all mainly use fuel from Kwik Trip. Again…so far.

Do you have the V8 or V6 diesel? I am probably going to buy a GM truck this spring/summer and just curious how the diesel handles in the cold and how it works overall.

I am leaning toward a 5.3L gas but always good to have some first hand feedback. :)

All three trucks have the 6.6L Duramax, I should note that they are all 2500HD trucks. They all have handled the cold very well with no fuel issues and only one DEF issue. The DEF issue was the DEF tank heater crapped out and had to be replaced, $350 for the replacement installed. I guess DEF will freeze once it hits 10 degrees and the DEF heater only works while the truck is running. From what I’ve been told that the heater will melt the frozen DEF pretty quickly once you start the truck.

I will say that the one thing I have been impressed with is the fuel mileage. They each average right around 16-18 city and 20-22 highway. Mileage doesn’t dip too terrible even with a decent load on a trailer behind the truck. I have got 19mpg with a 22′ trailer with a skid steer on the trailer going down the highway. We have a 2011 Ram 2500 with a 6.7L Cummins that has power for days so I was concerned switching to a Duramax but it has equal amounts of power for towing. I will say that the Cummins is snappier in acceleration but that is the only difference I have noticed.

Compared to our older Chevy and Ford diesels we have had in the past these Duramax’s have performed very well in the Minnesota cold. I would recommend one to anyone wanting a reliable, powerful, and fairly economic powertrain. The only pain is when you fill up the 32 gallon tank with diesel fuel and it costs about $100.