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Bertogliat wrote:

Bladepuller wrote:

This recent cold snap has just been ridiculous.

That vehicles parked outside start is a testament to M.E. I don’t even bother to plug in the engine heater on my ’15 PU. Then again a friend in Cambridge has diesel that won’t fire up plugged in 24 / 7 and a battery charger connected to both batteries.

As I understand it (I don’t drive diesel vehicles), the low sulfur diesel fuel gels up in a bad way during these cold snaps. An engine block heater won’t help the gelled up fuel in the tank.

So far….knock on wood…the three Silverado diesels in my work’s fleet of trucks have had no issues. Two of the three are parked outside at night with only block heaters, and all three are outside every day all day. They all mainly use fuel from Kwik Trip. Again…so far.