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Greyeagle wrote:

Bladepuller wrote:

This recent cold snap has just been ridiculous.

That vehicles parked outside start is a testament to M.E. I don’t even bother to plug in the engine heater on my ’15 PU. Then again a friend in Cambridge has diesel that won’t fire up plugged in 24 / 7 and a battery charger connected to both batteries.

Two auto related things that continue to amaze me. 1) how reliable they have become related to cold weather starts and 2) how well tires hold up given the extreme conditions – weather and road. Other than a punctured tire (nail) I have not had a lot of issues in recent history and it seems to take a wicked bad pothole to shred one.

Totally agree. I had to replace a battery in our Murano last week before the cold snap but I think got almost 6 winters out of it

On my old VW I did hit a pretty bad pothole one day that I saw too late. When the tire went flat I took it in to get replaced and there was a crack all the way through the entire wheel as well. I’d never seen anything like that