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This morning’s update from GPL’s official covert meteorologist. :)


My forecast is still on track. We’ll see a quick change over to snow here shortly, resulting in some small accumulations 2ish inches today. We’ll have a lull in accumulating snow around supper, there still might be flakes flying but it wont be intense. Then the bulk of the snow will fall during the overnight, particularly midnight – 8am Friday morning. Tomorrow morning’s commute will be most impacted. Overall, still about 6 inches for the metro by Friday afternoon. Mankato and southern MN will likely see closer to 7-8 inches, generally. That’s including what falls today. If we don’t have a couple fresh inches by nightfall (we should), those totals will be less. Winds will blow overnight and tomorrow.

Totally ignore the 12 inches you are hearing. No.

There may be pockets of 10 inches in southern MN, but I’m not convinced. This low had better seriously strengthen and tap into some magical moisture source for that to happen.

I really appreciate these forecasts. There’s a guy on Twitter I follow (@NovakWeather) that gives good weather insights and forecasts too.

I agree. Have her start posting here and maybe some admin can give her the “GPL Meteorologist” title.