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Chris83 wrote:

GE – Need one of your family meteorological forecasts for the weather system coming through Thursday and Friday. Seeing anywhere from 2″ to infinity on different sites

Here you go. :dup:


This storm had barely anything going 36 hours ago according to my go – to weather model. The low pressure treks right over us so most of the action along the cold front and cyclogenesis (cyclonic strengthening) will all be to the east. We will be left with what develops on the western side of the low pressure system, or the ‘wrap-around.’ Typically, wrap-around precip can be overdone by models and tends to be realized/observed as a weak driver for precipitation. That said, things will be messy for the next 2 days. Looks like freezing rn/mix precip will occur during the early morning hours tomorrow. A decent band with 2ish inches should happen Thursday about midday, and then another burst of snow during the overnight/early morning hours Friday probably about 3-4 inches. With winds picking up early morning and continuing Friday. I’m thinking there will be a decent lull in precipitation Thursday afternoon and early evening. So, maybe 5-6 inches of snow max by Friday afternoon, and only because it’s a longer duration system.