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Slap Shot wrote:

MNGophers29 wrote:

Anyone with feedback on MLB The Show on Xbox? I read one bad review, but a good baseball game on Xbox is so far overdue…

My other dilemma is that I don’t really have time to sit and immerse myself in a game. I got RDR2 2 Christmases ago, played it for a couple months and haven’t played it again. I had bought my kid Forza Horizon 4 and tried playing through that and it’s boring to me. Basically I went a game I can pick up and play whenever I have some free time….like Nintendo was back in the day…

The only game I occasionally pick up is Battlefield 4 and that think must be nearly 8 years old. I still enjoy the campaign and there is a decent amount of online players still with full servers. I probably play no more than 5 hours total in a month.

I would think a PGA game would be a decent one to play only sporadically.

My younger son rotates between Battlefront II, Battlefield V, COD (not sure which one), Madden (’19?), NBA (’19?) and maybe a few others.

And I would probably feel the same way about a WW2 game because history doesn’t change. Rosters do. That’s why I struggled with NHL 17 when we bought it. He now has 20 which he bought himself and I am lost. I really miss playing baseball though and when I mentioned it to him that it was on Xbox now (he is PS4 at his mom’s) he got really excited.