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trixR4kids wrote:

Beauner wrote:

Started playing Ghost of Tsushima a bit ago on my PS4 as a break from the inevitable aggravation that Black Ops Cold War has provided basically since launch (I expect I’ll be done with the multiplayer on BOCW altogether pretty soon and just play Zombies – first time I’ve ever enjoyed zombies more than MP, and stick primarily with warzone).

Ghost of Tsushima is a freaking beautiful game. And it’s even better because I can play it in peace because all my online play is on Xbox.

Cold War is kinda fun and I play with some friends occasionally but good lord it’s soooo annoying facing a team who thinks they’re playing a 100k tournament camping corners in the back of the map in TDM :lol:. Might as well be playing Search & Destroy in that case.

Yeah I’ve basically abandoned BOCW multiplayer altogether. I play a few games with each new season to get the various operator missions done and then play warzone and zombies.