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Orion wrote:

gopherguy13 wrote:

Anyone manage to get a next gen system? I’m making the move from Microsoft to Sony this gen, going with PS5.

Missed out on preorders and wasn’t able to snag one today. Hoping there will be a restock by Black Friday!

I’m struggling with this as well . What are your thoughts on why a PS5?

The biggest reason for me is exclusives. There’s no Xbox exclusives that I really want to play, but Sony has several exclusives I want to play, most notably Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Of Us.

Also, the new PS5 controller looks sick. I’ve seen reviews of the controller, and people say that between the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers, it truly feels next gen. There’s a game that is pre-installed on the PS5 called Astro’s Playroom, which is basically meant to be a demo of what the controller can do.

The review I saw said that the controller vibrates and gives feedback with almost everything, without being distracting. Walking on glass feels different than walking on sand. The adaptive triggers could be so cool for shooting games. The trigger can provide resistance and feel like a real trigger. If a gun jams, it could lock to where you aren’t able to pull the trigger until you fix the jam or switch guns, etc.

If the game devs start using the abilities of that controller in their games, it could lead to some next level immersion.