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I go in phases. I think the last time I got super into a game was last year playing Red Dead Redemption…and I am not sure I have ever been that hardcore for a game. I usually play a game for a few weeks and then sporadically (its why I suck at MMORPGS) but that one had me hooked. One of the best stories for a game ever. (Knights of the Old Republic was better)

Oculus is different. The games I play I am literally engaging with. It isnt boring because your brain is actually firing on all cylinders. I sometimes get a better workout (and my muscles hurt more) from the games than I did in my black belt karate classes. It isnt just button mashing to knock the guy out in front of me I literally have to throw hundreds of punches. (that are scaled based on how hard you actually punch) So much more rewarding when they fall to the ground bloody and battered :D