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Finished the original RDR story line last week. Fun way to end it off. But after playing RDR2 I didn’t have the patience to deal with how much less smoothly the gameplay was to try to get to 100% on RDR.

Oh god, yeah. That would feel like playing Atari, I imagine. :lol:

RDR’s story was good.

[hide]First thing I did in RDR2 at Marston’s ranch was go stand in that spot right in front of the barn. The feels! [/hide]

Hey, what’s wrong with Atari?!

Speaking of, I should dig mine out.

My kid heard me talking about my Nintendo a few weeks ago. This pst weekend he asked me to hook it up. I am hesitant to do it because right now it is just mine and I don’t want to share it.