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    Getting close to giving up. It is f*** impossible to get a woodpecker. I have googled how to do it, and I can’t find one. The instructions all say to use dead eye, but I can’t get it to work. I never use dead eye, because it makes it even harder to kill something, IMO. It won’t auto-aim for me on dead eye, and I can’t keep a bead on a flying bird manually.

    Those and the robins were a massive pain in the ass.

    The woodpecker is found technically all over the map on the westside of new Hanover and all up and down Rhodes and annesburg. You gotta use binoculars to identify them before they take flight though.

    Fort Brennan is where I found a few of those little birds. That or by Downes Ranch.

    Go in the fort, walk up on the ramparts, use your binoculars to identify them. Then take out your small game arrow, deadeye, right bumper (or R1 if PS4) to tag it. Then shoot. If you tag them you automatically track it even if it’s in flight.

    What do you mean by “tag it?” When I do dead eye, I aim (left trigger), then press down on both joysticks to enter dead eye, then track to the highlighted kill area using the joystick, and when there, hit the right trigger to shoot. Is that not correct?

    If your sights are on/near an enemy or animal target in deadeye you can “tag” your target with the right bumper/R1. If the animal (or enemy) begins to move before your shot your aim will follow along with their movements. Makes getting a clean kill much easier. Especially with a bow and arrow.

    Ok. I didn’t know that this could be done. Helpful.

    Though, I have still never even seen a woodpecker and I’ve looked for about 8 hours, so I have other issues.