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I never did any of those. Hell this is the first I am seeing anything about some of them! Every time I tried doing the Tesla one it wouldnt let me for some reason.


[hide]I still dont like that I had to play the Epilogue as John Marston. The whole game you play as Arthur (going all Power Trip on it saying his phrases along with him!) and as weird as it sounds you get super connected to him. Marston isnt even around half the game so I dunno it just seems off. Every time I see Abigail though I say “Abi-GAIL Roberts!” in that Arthur voice though cause it makes me giggle :)

That said he end of the Epilogue is cool, though I should have shot Dutch too! He let Micah kill the boys and there aint no redeeming that. I assume he doesnt show up in RDR1 so yeah I should have been able to choke the life out of him.

I played Marston pretty straight through the Epilogue (he doesnt seem like the serial killer Arthur is ;) ) Then we got to Micah’s friend in Strawberry and I hung him and literally said “FOR ARTHUR!” out loud! Now that it is over I am going to have him killing some more since I am guess in RDR1 he is not the nicest man in the world. Plus if you had to shovel cattle crap on a farm you would murder Lemoyne Raiders too!)[/hide]

In non-spoiler stuff, is it just me or as you get closer to the end does it not seem the weather takes a turn for the worst? I swear every 12 seconds it is raining no matter where you go. Gets even worse in the Epilogue and after the Epilogue. Friggin monsoons out there riding around!