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A few random questions

Is there something significant about these places that I’m missing, or maybe just haven’t gotten far enough in the story yet?

The house outside Van Horn that you climb in through the upstairs window with some fucked up shit inside that room.

The roadside brothel, near Van Horn, with the dead lady outside.

The culty cabin, with the bunkbeds and a bunch of skeletons that looks like a mass suicide, northwest of Emerald Ranch.

The “Tesla’s” laboratory, way at the top edge up the map, northwest of Annesburg.

Also, has anyone figured out the Panoramic Map yet? It is obviously drawn from a mountaintop, looking out over the whole map, and it looks to me like it is in the Mt. Shann area. But there is no hint as to what to look for, and it isn’t classified as a treasure map.

There is no Legendary Alligator on the legendary animals map, but there are stuff to be crafted using the Legendary Alligator. Does that show up later in the game?

Lastly, is there a better way to get bird feathers of various birds than just riding around and shooting random birds out of the sky?