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Jane FondaJane Fonda
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Up to 44% complete.

Probably about half way through chapter 3, but not sure on that, since I have no idea how long the chapter will be. Just burned a bunch of tobacco fields. Spent time yesterday progressing a few of the challenges, and got like 4 of them to the next level. I have no idea how I’m going to win in this 5 finger fillet game, my fingers aren’t fast enough on the controller to win it.

Still haven’t found any more dinosaur bones, those things are fucking impossible. Keep stumbling across dream catchers though, think I have found 7 or 8 of those. Only have found 3 of the rock carvings, and 5 of the legendary animals (bear, white buffalo, coyote, wolf, boar). No legendary fish yet.

So, think I am going along ok. Just that the dinosaur bones suck to find.

Question, for the horsemanship challenge, the first one is the ride from Valentine to Rhodes. Do I need to do anything to initiate a timer or something? Or just I just go to Valentine, then haul ass to Rhodes, and game figures it out itself?