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You guys miiiight want to throw those last couple posts in spoilers, for people reading the thread who haven’t finished the game.

Epilogue discussion:
[hide]lol Handy, I wanted to tell you at some point when you said how much bad shit you were doing, that it affects which ending you get, but obviously didn’t want to spoil anything :lol:

I had the high honor ending, and I thought it was poignantly done. Especially because of Arthur’s comment earlier in the game about how he wants to go out, he says something along the lines of “just face me to the east so I can watch the sun rise one last time”. And then he gets to go out with a peaceful sunrise after helping John and his family escape. It tied a nice bow on Arthur’s story, I thought.

However, I agree with you that Arthur is far superior to John. There is some interesting parts about playing John and seeing how his experiences might lead up to RDR1. There are some cool moments like seeing the barn at Beecher’s Hope where so much shit went down in RDR1.

Also the Epilogue contains the absolute best part of RDR2… The house building montage!! :lol: :lol: :lol: [/hide]