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gopherguy13 wrote:

Beauner wrote:

Finally got my 4 kills with one stick of dynamite. Decided to raid a murfree brood camp and kill all but four. Then I hog-tied the surviving 4 brood members and laid them in a square and threw a stick of dynamite in there.

Now I have to kill four consecutive enemies with the same tomahawk.

That’ll be interesting.

Is there a specific way to hogtie them so they don’t come untried after a while? I tried doing that for the long tomahawk kill challenge, and the SOBs would come untied after a minute or two, when I started walking away. :lol:

Not that I’m aware of. Maybe it’s a distance thing too? I was worried about that last night cuz I hogtied the first Murfree almost immediately after entering Murfree territory. Then shot a couple and then hogtied another. Then shot a couple more and hogtied a third. I had to go down into the cave to get a fourth (and kill the other last remaining brood members). I thought for sure the first guy would have been broken out of his hogtie by then but he stayed put.

However, when I was doing the bandit challenge to hogtie three people and leave them in train tracks I tried to do all three at the same time and have them get run over by a train (not necessary for the challenge, just run) but after the first one hit the tracks, I got on my horse to hogtie a couple others and bring them back. By the time I got back with the second guy the first guy had broken out of the hogtie and was wandering around a bit. So naturally I hogtied him again. Then left those two and went for a third, where I didn’t have to go very far and the other two were still on the tracks.

And yes, it was very fun to watch them get run down by a train 😂